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Genie Food Group

About Us

Genie Food Group is a processed food production company based out of Ahmedabad, India. Being among the few in the industry, providing quality products by maintaining the highest standards globally is a privilege that we take very seriously.


As the saying goes, “Better food, better mood“. However preparing delicious meals comes with a mixture of all the right ingredients, overwhelming your precious time. But relax. Take a deep breath. We bet you won’t find a better solution to this problem than us!


Our goal at Genie Food Group is committed to providing the best quality flavored variety of processed food. We aim at providing a variety of different intermediary food products such as fresh fried onions, garlic powder, dehydrated onions and pastes used to prepare the delicious mouth-watering food cuisines making your day worthwhile.


Processed in a way to increase longevity and keep the same aroma and taste. Just add it as an ingredient to your meal preparation. Simple as that. Saving your precious time with which you can devote to eating more. Because people who love to eat are the best kind of people.


Food is our religion.  We believe in making our customers merrily happy that is why we aim at providing the best quality variety of dehydrated products additionally at the best price in the market.


Quality Assurance

  • Quality is extremely hard to define. It is all about meeting the needs and expectations of customers concerning taste, longevity, price of the product and product delivery time.
  • While we believe that assurance is nothing but a positive declaration on our product, which gives us confidence. It provides a guarantee that our product will fulfill the customer need as per the expectations or requirements.
  • Our worldwide scale gives us the buying capacity to source fixings at a remarkably competent expense. These potencies enable us to give our clients the most elevated standard of value without settling on worth.



  • GST
  • ISO 22000-2005

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